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The Book: Book Proposals That Sell

Many people want to write a book but they don’t know about proposals. Typically they start with a blank page and an idea, and they write their entire manuscript. These unpublished writers do not understand how 80 to 90 percent of nonfiction books are sold. Because of a lack of understanding, unpublished authors never sell their book manuscript to a publisher. If you want to sell your book idea, then you need this book!

Author W. Terry Whalin has written more than 60 books (all with traditional publishers). He understands what is required to produce a book proposal. He has collaborated with a number of different people on nonfiction book projects. Also Terry was an acquisitions editor—often the first person to read these book proposals. This book contains his insight and experience regarding book proposals that sell. His stories and insight will show you how to avoid the pitfalls of rejection. See what editors, agents and best-selling authors are saying about Book Proposals That Sell.

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What Is Book Proposal Coaching?

Through this site, you can contact Terry Whalin and learn about the availability for book proposal coaching.

Three levels of proposal coaching are available:

1. Terry creates the entire book proposal and sample chapter. This level will necesitate your provision of the information for Terry but he will craft and create the proposal.

2. You create part of the materials and Terry creates the rest of the proposal and sample chapter at this second level of book proposal coaching. The amount of time is capped at ten hours of Terry’s consultant time.

3. You create the entire proposal and sample yet at this third level Terry coaches you on changes and revisions which you make for your proposal. This level has a maximum of four hours of Terry’s time.